Trader's Hotel (Kuala Lumpur)

This hotel is one of the best I have stayed at in a long time. I think what stands out most clearly is the excellent service standards of the staff. Everybody from the housekeeping department to the counter staff are extremely helpful. They take the initiative to make sure that you're well taken care of and the staff, no matter what position, are very polite.

The room itself was decent and clean, albeit a little small. There was a fantastic view of the Twin Towers (request for it when booking if possible) where we managed to catch some fireworks one night. Oh and one thing I noted, the free shampoo and conditioner they provided were of good quality. They were unlike the usual hotel shampoo which makes your hair tangle like a big mess.

The best has to be the breakfast. This is the largest array of breakfast I have ever seen. It ranged from Asian food to Western food to asian food to salad bars etc. There is even a small section of gluten free food, including muffins and cakes. There is also the vegetarian option. I could have stayed here for a day if not for the fact that I kind of didn't go to KL just to enjoy the breakfast. 

There is also free afternoon tea (I'm not sure what booking option that was) but you could probably check it out. They had a small selection of pastries and high tea selections. You could choose a window seat and you will be able to have a good view of the landscape of KL. 

The location is great too. You can walk to Suria KLCC or take a buggy there. The walk is pretty short, you can take the route outside or walk through the convention centre on rainy days. While it may be a little further to Lot 10 and the likes, it's still pretty near and we managed to walk there. Don't believe your taxi drivers when they tell you it's very far. We have got at least 3 taxi drivers telling us it is far and we ended up reaching there in under 20 minutes. Also, if you take a taxi and don't mind taking the non-metered taxis, request to the hotel staff not to take the blue cab because the blue cab may be slightly more expensive, although probably more reliable and comfortable. 
While it's not exactly the cheapest option, I think it's good value given the proximity to Suria KLCC, the good service and the yummy breakfast.