Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant (100 AM)

Pagi Sore is one of our favourite Indonesian restaurants in Singapore. So when a Groupon came up, we snapped it up almost instantly. 

The branch at 100 AM was pretty empty during lunch time on a weekend.

The appetisers came up first. The Keropok Belinjau ($1.20) came even before we ordered anything. The one we ate tasted like it has been left in the open for quite some time- it would have been much better if it were still crispy. But the combination of lime and becalan made this pretty addictive nonetheless. The slightly bitter taste of the belinjau fruit was quite distinct.

The Kangkong Belachan ($9.80) is pretty much a staple I order everytime I run out of ideas of what vegetables to order- you might want to be wary of the level of spiciness!

The Ayam Bali ($14.80) was truly lovely- the smokiness of the tender grilled chicken thigh with a sweet marinate made this a clear winner.

The Sotong Pedas ($11.50) was pretty ordinary.

The Tahu Telor ($10.20) is a massive block of beancurd, together with crispy egg bits. The sweet sauce was also a good accompaniment to this dish, together with some nutty goodness.

Value for money Indonesian food!

Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant (100 AM) 
100 AM
100 Tras Street
Tel No.: 6 636 1373