Olaf The Snowman: Cute Or Kind Of Creepy

Some things in life you just can't explain. I'm a Norwegian by heritage with both my parents coming from North Dakota. Snow is in my blood or at least it should be. There have been people in my family with the name Olaf. But I have an dislike for snow, necessary as it may be. Can't stand the stuff. And over the years, I've developed an aversion to snowmen. To me they are just kind of creepy characters no matter how lovable Disney or anyone else tries to make them out to be.
When we make our visit Disneyland in a few weeks, the Olaf character from the hit movie Frozen will have a significant presence throughout various park activities. I kind of dread this. Call it the creepy factor. I expect to see Olaf in my sleep.
But I know this is just me as this winter, children of all ages will be delighted by the presence of Olaf at the Disneyland Resort. I just know I won't be one of them.