Ju Shin Jung

I seldom venture to this part of Singapore. Located opposite Haw Par Villa, this is a good place for people to drop by to satisfy their hunger pangs. (Speaking of which, Haw Par Villa remains one of the tourist attractions that makes me think, help, I can't unsee what I just saw!)
Upon entering the shop, you get greeted by friendly Korean staff. 

First up, lettuce for you to wrap the meat in.

The banchan came out in a steady flow, till there was no space for anything else on our tables. Seaweed soup, marinated squid, kimchi, toufu, pumpkin soup etc.

We went for the Unlimited BBQ ($29++ for lunch) where you could order pork belly, pork collar, marinated pork, marinated chicken and fresh tiger prawns. Each plate of meat came with two button mushrooms. We ordered a plate of everything.

There would be a waiter who would help barbeque the food while you enjoy your meal in peace, without worrying that the food will be charred etc. My favourite of the lot was the marinated chicken so we ordered another portion. The meats were grilled just right so that they didn't become dry. The prawns weren't that fresh but not so unfresh that you would get a stomach upset. The provision of cold barley tea also felt like it eased in digestion.

The price of the unlimited BBQ also includes one of the following: Fried Saba Fish, Clear Beef Rib Soup, Spicy Soft Tofu, Hot Stone Bowl Rice and Soya Bean Paste Soup. We got the Hot Stone Bowl Rice because it felt like the meal wouldn't be complete without rice. As usual, loaded to the brim with lots of vegetables and we mixed it with the gochujang.

I wouldn't go out of the way just to go to this restaurant because this food was really just okay. Service was good.

Ju Shin Jung
27 West Coast Highway
Tel No: 6 464 0872