Hotel Michael

Described as an "art lover's dream come true", we went to Hotel Michael a couple of months back for a staycation. 
1) Room 
When checking in, we specifically told the lady at the reception that we wanted a non-smoking room. The moment we exited the lift, we could smell smoke and the smell intensified as we walked into the room. It was not a light whiff of smoke but as though someone had spent a couple of hours smoking in the room. We checked with one of the housekeeping team who happened to be around whether this was a non-smoking floor. 
She answered that although it was a non-smoking floor, some hotel guests still smoke in the room anyway. This completely marred our impression of the hotel.
The lady from the housekeeping team took the initiative to put an ioniser in the room and to spray air freshener. It did help slightly, but was not a permanent solution and we had to bear with the smell for the duration of our stay. 

You would see different art works in the room- this was novel but not something that I will pay a premium for.

There is no free wifi as well- they probably want you to venture out and spend money, whether in the casinos or Universal Studio.

2) Toilet
Interesting mosaic tiles lined the walls of the toilet. 

 3) Amenities

There is a gym and swimming pool in the hotel.

I advise that you give the swimming pool in the hotel a miss and go to the one at Hard Rock instead. You can use the swimming pool at Hard Rock even though you are staying at Hotel Michael.

Both adults and kids will be able to find something suitable. There is a lap pool, jacuzzi and even shallow pools filled with white sand for kids to play in.

4) Location 

We had wanted to go to Sentosa Cove and was informed that there was a bus stop outside where shuttle buses would stop. It was around a 5 minute walk to the shuttle bus stop. However, after 40 minutes of waiting, we gave up and took a cab instead.

Otherwise, it's pretty near the other Sentosa attractions.

Hotel Michael
8 Sentosa Gateway